C U R R E N T   S G A   E V E N T S


    • Eight students have the chance to receive a scholarship for $250! To apply for this scholarship, you must be either be an OMS-I or OMS-II student.

    • There will be two categories of scholarship.​..

    1. You may be nominated by your fellow classmates or faculty for being a good example of what professionalism is, and then submit a 300-word essay about your description of what professionalism means to you, and how it contributes to our career as a future Osteopathic Physician.           ...OR...

    2. You may submit a 300-word essay about your service to SGA and your involvement in SGA-related activities this past academic year. This may be through your service to an academic club or through SGA directly.


    • Both the nominations (due 12/15/17) and essays (due 1/15/18) can be submitted on this page.

Category 1:

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[due: 12/15/17]

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Category 2:
[due: 1/15/18]

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